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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Android Apps for Lilypie, Daisypath and PitaPata

We have created Android Apps for Lilypie, Daisypath and PitaPata that you can purchase through Google Play. The Apps let you create and use tickers on your Android device without an Internet connection.
Lilypie Android App Daisypath Android App PitaPata Android App With the App installed on your phone you can display the tickers as a widget on your Android device's home screen and when you are online you can publish the tickers to sites such as Facebook, Google+, Blogger etc.

On the home screen widget you can always see which event is coming up next, and click to refresh and cycle through your tickers.

Purchasing the app gives you free access to a library of ticker packages with lots more hand drawn images to choose from when you create your tickers.

There are more details on the Google Play pages including a current list of the ticker packages: Lilypie, Daisypath and PitaPata App pages.


  1. I love your site thanks for creating such great widgets for us to use. Im having a small problem getting the date to change on the health counter. It wont let me start on May 14 2012. I appreciate all your done again.

  2. Nkenge: The Start date for tickers that count from a date can't be in the future.

  3. Can you create apps for Prestashp? I really like your graphics! I just landed on your site so I'll be checking out all your offerings.

  4. This is for the first time I am getting to see having tickers on Android device. This is fun to have it as widget and good thing is that we can know about the recent events going on.

  5. can you do 'daisy anni b' with one two three anf four children? please!!

  6. On the Daisypath website there are family sliders with one to 5 children on the third slider page.

    In the app, you can have family sliders by downloading the free "Sliders: Families" ticker package. Available in your app under Options.

  7. I just found your site by google so I'll be checking out all your offerings. Thanks