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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Web App for iPad / iPhone / iPod

We have added a Web App to all of our sites that lets you view your tickers on an iPad, iPhone or iPod.
More info on Lilypie * More info on Daisypath * More info on LilySlim * More info on PitaPata
Lilypie iPod app


  1. Is this an actual app? Cause when I search for it it does not show up. Or is it that you can just go online on your iphone and see it?

  2. When you create a ticker on one of our sites, there is a link under the Preview image to 'Add to iPad / iPhone / iPod'.

    Clicking on the link will provide instructions on how to add it to your iPad / iPhone / iPod.

  3. The tickers display really small and there is no way to increase the size to see it better. If there was anyway to get them to display larger that would be great!