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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Android App update: Support for multiple, independent and configurable widgets

We have made big changes to the Lilypie Lilypie, Daisypath and PitaPata Android Apps to allow for multiple, independent and configurable widgets. Now you can have as many Lilypie Widgets on your home screen as you want, all with a unique ticker listing.

When you put a Widget on your home screen, you can select the tickers you want to display on each Widget in the Widget Configuration page.

Double click on the widget if you want to change the tickers displayed. Single click on the widget if you want to refresh the ticker or cycle through a set of tickers.


  1. I love these! could you possible add a sticker for how long it's been since an adopted child arrived home?

  2. Thank you it is lovely to read that you are enjoying my tickers. I am thinking about adding an event ticker to the website that lets you count from any event. In the meantime, you can use the TTC Event ticker and say what you are counting from at step 3.