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Friday, October 15, 2010

Add to Blogger buttons

We have added a Blogger button to all our ticker sites to make it easier to add your Lilypie, Daisypath, LilySlim and PitaPata tickers to your blog. Once you have created a ticker, you can add it to your blog by clicking on the Blogger link under the preview image and then clicking on the Add to Blogger button in the code snippet box. For mini-tickers there is a shortcut Add to Blogger button next to your preview image.

Your ticker defaults to displaying in your side-bar but you can easily drag it elsewhere on your page, by dragging on the gadget on the Add and Arrange Page Elements page. I am putting full-size tickers above the posts and mini-tickers in the side-bar.

You can always come back and move your gadgets around later by logging in to your blog and clicking on the Design link in your menu bar at the top right.

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